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Dental Implant Restorations in Norfolk

Dr. Vernon O’Berry provides dental implant restorations to complete missing teeth treatment at both of our offices in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Crafted to look and feel like teeth, our implant restorations are effective replacements for missing teeth, whether you’ve lost one or the entire set. 

Missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures can be treated with implant placement and our restorations. Contact our practice today to learn more about our collaborative implant treatment with trusted specialists in the area.

Dental implant restorations in NorfolkCrafting Quality Tooth Replacements

Dental implant treatment is done utilizing the expertise of implant specialists for placement, and Dr. O’Berry who fabricates your implant restorations. Together, dental implants and our restorations restore the function of your smile and not only your oral health but your jaw bone density as well.  At that time the restoration of your choice will be placed during an appointment, and in most cases, you will be able to resume normal function immediately after the procedure.

Our goal is to restore our patients’ confidence in their smiles. With restorations supported by dental implants, patients can experience comfortable, reliable teeth replacements that look and feel like natural teeth.

Implant Restoration Options in Norfolk

Once your implants recover, Dr. O’Berry will place the restorations of your choice:


Our restorations are fashioned from porcelain, which is stain-resistant and conveniently resembles the appearance of natural teeth. Even if you’re only missing one tooth, single-unit restorations, or crowns, can mark the difference between a healthy, fully-functional smile, and one that is compromised and susceptible to disease.


Crowns provide a foundation for dental bridges, which can fill the space left by a row of missing teeth. With a line of artificial teeth supported by two implant-retained crowns, you can prevent the shifting associated with missing teeth.


For edentulous patients, implant-supported dentures provide a solid replacement for their original teeth. While traditional dentures are useful, they tend to slide during speech and meals, leading to discomfort and embarrassment. Overdentures, crafted by our trusted lab, allow you to function and smile normally.

The Benefits of a Restored Smile

With implants and their accompanying restorations in place, the health of your jawbone will be preserved. You won’t have to worry about the problems that arise from missing teeth; your smile and your health will be restored. Being able to confidently show off your smile can also spell wonders for your self-esteem, which in turn benefits your well-being as a whole. Your smile, more often than not, can accurately represent your overall health. 

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Whether you’re missing one tooth or several teeth, the implant restorations we place at Vernon O’Berry’s dental offices in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach are made to be long-lasting replacements. Call our office today to learn more about dental implant restorations, and schedule an appointment!


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