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Family Dentistry in Norfolk

At his family dental practice in Norfolk, Dr. Vernon O’Berry, JR believes that quality dental services should be provided through all stages of life, from our developmental years to adulthood. To address dental needs at every age, Dr. Vernon O’Berry and Dr. Robyn K. Marshall provide family dental services designed to preserve the oral health of all our patients.

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Treatment for Young Patients

When patients become teenagers, their smiles are reaching the final phase of development. We perform orthodontic tests to check for potential alignment issues since it’s best to determine the need for this type of treatment as early as possible. If orthodontic treatment is required, we refer out to local specialists that we’ve built a trusting relationship with over the years. With this in mind, we perform general cleanings and examinations, as well as oral health education to instill positive long-term habits. 

Adult Services

We provide an array of services for adults focused on maintaining oral health and appearance. Drs. O’Berry and Marshall track the progress of conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay and create a treatment plan that restores oral health when these issues arise. We ensure your comfort with all our procedures and utilize effective local anesthetics during invasive procedures. If patients require an extra touch to remain comfortable we also offer oral sedation.

We treat periodontitis, or gum disease, in-house. Periodontal cleaning, also known as root scaling and planing, addresses the aggressive buildup of unhealthy bacteria that negatively affect the state of your gums. Our gum disease treatments target infected areas; over a series of appointments, we will treat and monitor the recovery of your gums. 

We also provide tooth-colored fillings for teeth that have been damaged by cavities so that you can smile and function normally. We also provide crowns for patients who undergo root canal therapy. While we stand by our restorations, one of our top priorities is to save your original teeth.
For patients who have replaced lost teeth with dental implants, we place quality restorations made from porcelain. This high-quality material is resistant to staining and allows your crowns, bridges, partials, or overdentures to blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. 

Prioritizing Your Comfort

We work closely with patients to fully inform them of our oral health plan and the treatments we will perform. A solid understanding of the process and benefits of procedures help patients relax and can even minimize their anxieties. We understand that some dental procedures are intimidating, but we make it our goal to help you relax and feel confident that you will receive quality service.

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Drs. Vernon O’Berry, JR., and Robyn K. Marshall work hard to maintain healthy smiles in teens, adults, and seniors. If you and your family are in need of quality dental service, call our office in Norfolk today to schedule your appointment!



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